I am a multimedia artist currently living in the city of dreams, Mumbai. I am a self-taught artist who graduated in Political Science from Delhi University in 2006.

I am born and raised in New Delhi and moved to Mumbai in 2014.
My daily life is an ever-present theme in my work, and it is transitional based on the city life that surrounds me. It inspires my color palettes, patterns, shapes, and silhouettes.

I love working on walls and have been painting on them for several years, but I have expanded my work to ink, watercolors and acrylic paints on paper and canvas. My drawings are a simple representation of my personality. The work is fun, organic, engaging and represents the dynamic evolution between illusions and the natural world. I often tend to work with the aim to create patterns, communicate moods and feelings.
White Textured Paper Kraft NotebookPaper Specs : 80 Plain Natural Shade Pages Inside,80 gsmBinding : Thread StitchedBack Pouch...
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