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Laptop skin is an inexpensive way of giving your laptop a quick and easy makeover. Customize your laptop with these cool laptop skins, and give it a look that’s uniquely ‘you’ with little to no effort! 

The Vinyl material used for our skin is high quality which leave no trace of glue at the time of removing the skin which other cheap skins do and damage your laptop. Our Skin lamination is of advance technology, between glossy and matte finish. It allows anyone to quickly and easily create uniqueness to your laptop in no time High quality Vinyl Material with Lamination provides scratch proof, stain proof and waterproof protection. Distinctive design reserved by high resolution printing technology.

The skins are printed as per universal size (15"x 10") and though we try to print the closest possible size, a little trimming of the skin may be required for final finishing as per your laptops specific make and model.

Actual print image may vary a bit as image quality which you see on the website depends on your laptop/computer/mobile screen resolution. All our design images are 300+ DPI

Specification: * Package includes: 1 laptop cover shield *
Default Dimensions (W x H): 15 inch x 10 inch

1. Clean your Laptop surface thoroughly. 
2. Take the measurement of the applying area
3. Trim the exact size before applying
4. Remove ONLY ONE side of the liner from vinyl sheet, align to the applying surface and start attach them SLOWLY
5. Proceed carefully with the use of a clean cloth and/or a plastic card (i.e. ATM card) to assure minimal air bubbles until the liner is removed.